On Bowie...

This documentary shows the 'genius' he had as a trailblazer, completely destroying his previous persona.

These isolated vocals are my favorite

Ohh, and happy 2016.  Stay tuned.


For a limited time only

Check out a new track we're working on.  Also, come on out September 6th to our show at The Pinch.  4pm. 


Live from the Road


in light of going on the road for a few shows over the next 2 weeks, i'm publishing a show from the solo tour i was on this spring.  it was recorded on my iphone, so be gentle.

this…Read more

Recent Setlists

Hey Scenesters,

Before the the dog days take over the mighty swamp lands of DC, I am going to be taking a minute to recharge.  Hopefully there will be some sharing of the comings and goings of the past tour…Read more

Listening Music

While I was driving around, I got to listen to a lot of local radio stations, which were great.  But I also had a rule of any time I knew I'd be driving for an hour ormore, I'd listen to…Read more

Back from Tour and Some DC Shows


I'm back in the District, and hope to post some more about my adventures down South.

I'll be playing on Thursday, April 16th over at GWU for a student benefit.
2130 H St NW, outside the Library in the…Read more

1st Sunday Matinee Recap

Thanks to everyone who came in the ice storm, Greg for hosting, and Alex and Daniel for playing as well.

We had our friend Troy tape it, so there'll be a recording out there soon.

The setlist is below.

Lester…Read more